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Bloomage is an exploration of the nature of our world, of its design and its purpose. Is there a point to our struggles? And if there is, is it really worth it?


When a young British Afro-Caribbean ballet dancer is given a prestigious scholarship to attend a predominantly ‘white-world’ school, her love of dance enables her to overcome social barriers and fall for the wealthy brother of a new-found friend. 

The Wick

Four young women and two young men live in the same Hackney Wick artsy warehouse and face life and love in London.


'Sempre' is a harrowing, vulnerable and hopeful account of both the world of the human trafficking activity and Italian Mafia. Following a young, female protagonist, who grows throughout the narrative, she is a constantly striving to both impress her master and gain her freedom.


Life on St Michel’s estate was going just as society deemed, until the day of Abbee's “change”.  As she struggles to accept the changes going on in her little world she must learn to embrace her God given powers in the fight against evil.

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