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Who We Are

Shot of Tea is an award-winning UK production company focused on telling unique stories with female lead narratives. Firmly established both here and in the United States, where its first release ‘Safe Bet’ won Best Short Short at the LA Indie Film Festival and its second production ‘Craning’ was nominated at the LA International Shorts Festival, this internationally recognised company is committed to producing diverse and engaging content that inspires audiences while achieving critical acclaim.


With high credentials and a strong background in the filmmaking industry, Aletha Shepherd, a British actress, and Angel Shepherd, a film degree graduate, are passionate about telling impactful stories that promote equality within the movie industry. Angel studied at the prestigious BRITS School, while Aletha has a wealth of experience both in front and behind the camera. Combined, they are a force to be reckoned with and their combined skills are evident in their productions to date.


Inspired by their love of filmmaking and the creative arts, Aletha and Angel strive to produce visually compelling motion pictures with female lead roles that empower women. Every production features women on both sides of the camera, with some short movies and tv series boasting a 90% female crew.


As pillars of their local community, this dynamic duo are keen to promote diversity and equality in the movie industry by offering opportunities based on skills not gender and producing thought-provoking content that keeps global audiences entertained.


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